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The image filming of ARTMISS ended in perfection in 2020

The image filming of ARTMISS ended in perfection in 2020

  • 2019-10-30 18:32
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The image filming of ARTMISS ended in perfection in 2020

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Record ingenuity with camera lens and achieve eternity with image.

The 2020 ARTMISS blockbuster started shooting brilliantly on November 30th, with a brand-new image and a brand-new start.

What kind of story will happen when ARTMISS skin care makeup is perfectly integrated with fashion and art?Let's hit the shooting scene at close range and feel a contest between fashion and fierceness.



Fashion texture blockbuster= National makeup artist + skin care makeup + forefront model


In 2020, under the guidance of Ms. Xie and Mr. Chen, the founders of Artemis, and under the overall planning of Mr. Li, the R&D director of Artemis, the promotional film of ARTMISS was launched smoothly

In this shooting, Gao Jie, the Asia-Pacific Top Ten Makeup Artist, and Summer, the international first-class makeup artist, were invited as the main artists, performing together with four international first-line and big-name imperial Chinese and foreign models.



Eastern and Western elements are blended and mixed, fashionable and avant-garde make-up is light and luxurious, and a visual feast about make-up is coming.


President Introduction

♦ Andrea Xie

The chairman and founder of Guangzhou Natural

Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

The founder of Charming Show & Energy Red

The transformation fighter of Omni-channel marketing

new retail

The founder of Guangzhou Family Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Graduated from Tsinghua University of business 

EMBA& Business Chinese Studies President Class

Founding chairman of Tsinghua Merchants Association

The founder of NATURAL Love Foundation

Well-known teaching entrepreneurs

Vice President of Guangdong Beauty Salon Association

The senior Engineer of NATURAL in Cosmetics R&D.

The captain of Guangdong Lions Club Hope

Service Team in 2010-2017


♦Eric Chen

  General Manager and Chief Engineer of Guangzhou Natural Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Graduated from Tsinghua EMBA & EMBA & Financial M&A& President of E CUHK

Founder of Women's Flower Brand of Beauty Key 

Customized experts of high-end skin care brands in China

Vice President of Tsinghua Business Alumni Association

Director of Tsinghua Business Charity Committee

Founder of NATURAL Love Collection Foundation  


The introduction of Makeup master teacher 

♦ Gaojie

Top ten outstanding stylists in Asia Pacific

Co-founder of Artemis

The image ambassador of ARTMISS

Makeup artist of national first-line photo studio samples

The judge of the national certification makeup competition

Founder of K11 Beauty technology brands

National Excellent Training Lecturer in Makeup

Celebrity artist invited makeup stylist



He yichen  Summer

National first-class makeup artist

Co-founder of Artemis

ARTMISS image ambassador

Top ten makeup stylists in China

CCTV formulates stylists

Founder of beauty styling

Celebrity artist invited makeup stylist


Prepare before shooting


ARTMISS's image propaganda film wisdom collision seminar, from props to scenes, from models to makeup and from creativity to planning to shooting, which every detail is constantly improving, keeping up with the international fashion trend and embodying the "ingenuity" that ARTMISS has been adhering to since its establishment--Make products safe, efficient and healthy, make the brand unique and make art exciting!



Inspired by the brand positioning of "Healthy Skin Care" of ARTMISS, the design starts from the brand tonality and culture, restores the personality and attitude towards life through the bold innovation of color through the international vision. Inspired by the brand positioning of "Healthy Skin Care" of ARTMISS, the design starts from the brand tonality and culture, restores the personality and attitude towards life through the bold innovation of color through the international vision. ARTMISS, a brand adhering to "never-ending innovation", is conveying the persistent spirit of pursuing true self and the aesthetic concept of light tide makeup to achieve fashionable and healthy and beautiful life.





ARTMISS's full range of skin care makeup is ready


Teacher Gao Jie is creating makeup for Chinese and foreign models


何Teacher Summer is creating makeup for Chinese and foreign models


Fashion is always elusive

But it is reflected in the details

Gap between makeup and styling

The most beautiful moment of freeze-frame model under the lens

Switch freely in different scenarios

Cool publicity, beautiful sexy

Every movement and every eye makes you amazing




Because of beauty, so confident; I chose because of my major. As the number one loyal experiencer and lover of Artemis, Andrea Xie, the founder of ARTMISS, strives to build ARTMISS into a national brand of "keeping pace with world famous brands and leading the new fashion of Chinese make-up", with high quality, high requirements and ingenuity, and personally speaks for ARTMISS.



Looking at the shooting scene, each model has been carefully researched, highlighting the ingenious thinking of the staff before and after the release, which complements the craftsman spirit of artmis, which keeps the original intention in mind and keeps forging ahead. Every staff member is very serious. With the cooperation of the strong and the strong, the shooting work went smoothly.




The birth process of fashion texture blockbuster

Let's enjoy it together



Meet warm and romantic Christmas wind

The air was filled with the smell of candy

The cooperation of Chinese and foreign models

Each eye is extremely eye-catching



Wonderful blockbusters to watch first


In order to show the effect of ARTMISS make-up to customers from all over the world, ARTMISS, together with Mr. Gao Jie and Mr. Yichen, has meticulously created a variety of international fashion trends -- simple and transparent makeup, internet celebrity makeup, fashion light luxury makeup, creative special effect makeup…. Use make-up effect to describe the products, take you to find and know the most real yourself, and enjoy the life aesthetics of freedom from heart.


Get rid of the complicated and return to the original

The more simple, the more interesting

The charm of minimalism lies in this




Integrating art into products

Interpretation of international fashion

Leading China's fashion makeup






A touch of fresh green

Add new features to the brand, naturally nourish the skin and show healthy charm




Every woman has a princess dream Irresistible the cute color of pink Hit the girl's heart directly

Light and shadow

Combination of future sense of technology and fashion

Show off sexy and wild

Each is so beautiful


When Eastern and Western cultures collide and blend

Stunning in an instant

All eyes are fascinating colors-China Red


In 2020, the ARTMISS image shooting came to a perfect ending


The two-day ARTMlSS image shooting came to a perfect end! Thanks to the founders of Artemis, Ms. Xie Lamei and Mr. Chen Litong, for their guidance throughout the whole process, thanks to Teacher Long Sheng for their hard planning, and thanks to the professional teachers Gao Jie and He Yichen for their support; thanks to the dedicated ARTMISS family and Jintian photography team; thanks to two volunteers Dayan and Teacher May.


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