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ARTMISS won the "Artisan Award of Cosmetic High Quality Development Conference"

ARTMISS won the "Artisan Award of Cosmetic High Quality Development Conference"

  • 2019-10-30 18:31
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ARTMISS won the "Artisan Award of Cosmetic High Quality Development Conference"

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On October 12th, the "2019 Cosmetics High Quality Development Conference" was grandly held at Guangzhou Sunac Wanda Vista Hotel! The meeting was specially supported by the Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration, and was hosted by the People's Government of Huadu District, Guangzhou City, the Cosmetic Science and Technology Professional Committee of the Chinese Health Inspection Association and the Guangdong Cosmetic Quality Management Association. As a blockbuster meeting led by the government and a gathering of hundreds of companies, it can be called a high-quality development event with the highest specifications in the industry.


 (Site of the 2019 Cosmetics High Quality Development Conference)


Focusing on the conference theme of "Road to Ingenuity", this conference set up four sub-forums, namely "Innovative Development of Cosmetics", "Smart Cosmetics Manufacturing", "Development Trends of New Materials and New Technologies", and "Development of New Cosmetics Retail Trends and channel construction". This conference focused on the latest trends in the international development of cosmetics science and technology, cutting-edge technology in production technology, and brand culture and art innovation, and conducted interactive academic exchanges and seminars on the latest developments in cosmetics innovation, technology, regulations and management.

(Launching Ceremony of Ingenuity Road)


It is reported that the conference has gathered thousands of industry leaders including government representatives from the cosmetics industry, well-known beauty brands, industry associations, industry leaders, technical experts, supply chain professionals, senior R&D engineers, and product managers. Elites, Chen Litong, general manager of Guangzhou Natural Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd., and Su Peina, brand director of ARTMISS, were also invited to attend the conference.

(Government representatives and thousands of elites from the industry attended the grand event) 


At the meeting, Mr. Huang Weilin, Secretary of the Huadu District Committee of the Communist Party of China, Mr. Zhong Xiaoming, President of Guangdong Cosmetics Quality Management Association, Mr. Li Gang, President of China Quality Newspaper, Mr. Chen Rui, President of China Health Inspection Association, and Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration more than 20 important guests, including Mr. Guo Changmao, Director of the Cosmetics Supervision Division of the Administration, delivered speeches. They made a detailed analysis on the current status and trends of national cosmetics supervision and management regulations, and the safety situation of cosmetics in Guangdong Province, and jointly discussed new trends in the development of the industry.

As the largest beauty industry base in the country, Guangdong Province radiates from the Pearl River Delta to the whole country. In the future, the government will vigorously support national brands and support the development of China's makeup industry. The golden decade of national brands has arrived.



With the rise of the Chinese people's awareness of makeup and skin care in recent years, the cosmetics market has ushered in an unprecedented dividend, and this wave of dividends is bound to last and continue vigorously.

When there is huge room for dividends in the market, it is also a good time for unscrupulous merchants and criminals to take advantage of the loopholes.


▲Explanation of cosmetic safety situation


They have spotted consumers' desire to improve their skin urgently, so as to produce products with high prices and quick results, but with unguaranteed quality, and then use specific methods to defraud consumers to buy and make huge profits.

In order to ensure the healthy development of the cosmetics industry, supervision and management have become the top priority of this industry. Only when the entire industry develops in a positive direction, consumers can use local brands with greater confidence and promote the development of local brands.


▲Explanation of cosmetic safety situation


Therefore, this also gives us an important reminder: brands that can withstand the test of time and market are more likely to seize opportunities in the cosmetics industry.

In addition, the high-profile four major awards-"Craftsmanship Award", "Craftsman Award", "Craftsmanship Award" and "Craftsmanship Award" were also awarded that night. As one of the most influential professional awards in the industry, this award is specially awarded to enterprises, factories and individuals who have the ability to promote the industrial structure, have the spirit of quality, and have innovative power, aiming to set a benchmark for the cosmetics industry.

▲"Craftsmanship Award" winning brand party


As a leading company in the beauty industry, ARTMISS was specially awarded the "Craftsmanship Award".

ARTMISS was specially awarded the "Craftsmanship Award".

ARTMISS was specially awarded the "Craftsmanship Award".


Make the makeup industry with ingenuity, make the brand with ingenuity


As an enterprise that values product quality and safety, ARTMISS has established a management system covering the entire chain from raw material procurement, production management to quality control. In the entire process from product development to market launch, we do not perform illegal operations such as illegal additions to pursue product effects. All products have passed 100% strict quality testing, have GPMC, ISO22716 and ISO9001 system certification, and have passed the strict quality inspection and filing of the State Food and Drug Administration to ensure that the products are legal, qualified and traceable.





ARTMISS is the initial brand created by Guangzhou Weimeixiu Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Based on the brand positioning of "synchronizing with world famous products and leading Chinese fashion", it has been loved, praised and sought after by countless domestic and foreign makeup stylists for 16 years! Become the star product of Laiqian International Group!

In 2018, ARTMISS products ushered in a new name and overall upgrade of packaging materials and image-the "light luxury skin care" series was born, redefining the new fashion of beauty, breaking the barriers of professional makeup and skin care and proposing the new concept of "beauty + healthy" light luxury skin nourishing. It combines beauty with beauty and skin care, and combines nature with technology to create natural, healthy, and harmonious beauty from the inside out, giving the skin and soul a new magic power, and has an epoch-making and innovative significance in the development history of Chinese professional makeup.


The strong foundation of its own strength, the geographical advantage of the brand headquarters in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, and the strong support of national policies for the cosmetics industry are important cornerstones for the continuous development and growth of ARTMISS. ARTMISS will also follow the national guidelines and resolutely do every product. Products, contribute to the development of the country's cosmetics industry!

In addition, ARTMISS will continue to develop more products with different functions to bring more surprises to consumers! Please wait and see!

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