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Service tenet: "timely, professional, sincere and thoughtful"

There is no best, only better. Laiqian has always been pursuing and striving for "perfect service" as the highest goal of the company's business strategy and service, respecting customers, understanding customers, creating value for customers, communicating with "heart" and providing sincere service.

Care and love: from the customer's point of view, grasp the customer's mood and needs, and be in urgent need of the customer; think of problems for the customer in advance, deal with the problems in the bud, and prevent the expansion of the problems.

Sincerity and carefulness: take customers as their parents, be considerate to customers, do some practical things for customers, let customers feel the importance of your existence.

Heart and perseverance: treat and complete every work and service with the utmost heart. For every consultation request, declaration, complaint, etc. of the customer, we should be everywhere, and everything should be managed by someone. We should regard service as our career, quality as our life, and persevere.

We always carry out the service tenet of "dedicated, professional, sincere and thoughtful", so as to maximize the value of products in the hands of users and create maximum benefits for customers. At the same time, we welcome you to supervise our service behavior and service quality.

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