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Did you miss the infinite business opportunities of ARTMISS at the 36th Shanghai Exhibition?

Did you miss the infinite business opportunities of ARTMISS at the 36th Shanghai Exhibition?

  • 2019-10-30 18:27
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Did you miss the infinite business opportunities of ARTMISS at the 36th Shanghai Exhibition?

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Shanghai, the fashion capital

In the midsummer of July

ARTMISS -Energy red



Looking forward to starting

an unforgettable encounter with you




In July 2019,you will meet at the 36th Shanghai International Wedding Photography Equipment Exhibition, which is the "weathervane" and "barometer" of the wedding industry, a one-stop trade procurement and business exchange platform-the brands of Energy Red & ARTMISS spread beauty and health with love and original intentions!


Hi! We meet again! Did you find it? ARTMISS's exhibition hall has not only become larger, but also has new elements in its image! Seeing so many customers stopping by the booth, you know that ARTMISS will show its strength again this time!



What kind of beauty product is it?

What kind of modeling presentation?

Attracting makeup professionals from all over the world to focus on ARTMISS Show Focus on booth 3H3G41?

Are you ready?

Let us look back at the three-day grand event of the Shanghai exhibition with extremely excited mood.


ARTMISS——Have you purchased the top sellers?


The brand-new upgraded product of ARTMISS Energy Red not only has a tall image, but also redefines the new fashion of beauty, breaks the barriers of professional makeup and skin care, and puts forward a new concept of "beauty + health", light luxury and skin care. It combines make-up with beauty and skin nourishment to create natural, healthy and harmonious beauty from the inside out, giving the skin and soul a new magic.

ARTMISS a leading brand of professional cosmetics in the country, has a complete range of products, diversified styles and rich colors. There are thousands of items on the showcase to meet the needs of every customer.

ARTMISS has been insisting on making up for 16 years, only to embrace beauty with an open attitude, spread beauty, create beauty and lead the new fashion of beauty makeup innovation. Its on-site consumers continue to consult, and ARTMISS Show Energy Red is well received by them.


ARTMISS——a full range of new products shock the market



The joy at first sight, the amazing after experience

Love without boundaries, beauty without boundaries, creation without boundaries

Artemis rides the wind of [Internet+]

A new model of "beauty + health" unbounded sharing economy

Sing the power of Chinese original plant skin care brand in the exhibition hall



ARTMISS's full range of new products debuted at the Shanghai exhibition, setting off a wave of new product pre-orders in Shanghai. The anti-blue light series, anti-blooming makeup series and small V face series of summer beauty products have attracted great attention from beauty industry elites and Internet celebrities from all over the country. The customers who come to consult and try out are endless. It is filled with enthusiasm and passion of everyone.


ARTMISS Fashion Showcase for Internet celebrity

Every girl has a dream girl heart 


     Famous makeup artist signed ARTMISS


Great news!

The image ambassador of ARTMISS has added a big makeup star , Ms. Li Yun, who is known as a talented woman with beauty and wisdom. As long as she starts classes, it will be full of seats. Her exquisite make-up technology and the most infectious speech have won the hearts and favor of fans from all over the world.


ARTMISS: helping the birth of outstanding new retail leader


Hot spot = high quality products + professional and dedicated team. ARTMISS agents from all over the country have come to Shanghai booth to help the headquarters, carefully solve every problem for customers, one group of two teachers and three empowerment, hand-in-hand to take you easy to handle the social new retail and committed to the birth of an outstanding new retail leader.


Family Aiyisheng health experience area


The on-site stone needle painless scraping and advanced technology moxibustion are welcomed by customers. Everyone queued up to experience, sat down to feel the health care of science and technology, at the same time, they deeply understood good products and good projects, and chose their favorite baby to take home.

The Shanghai Exhibition of Family & Aiyisheng has set off an upsurge of TCM health preservation in the cosmetics industry. The birth of NATURAL family health care project is more conducive to the realization of the mission of our company: make hundreds of millions of Chinese women realize healthy, beautiful and happy life! Love yourself and your family just from the love of health!


High energy ahead, popular and lively scene struck



【Special Session by Mr. Gao Jie】

Top Ten Outstanding Stylists in Asia Pacific-Special Session by Mr. Gao Jie

ARTMISS retro promotional video carefully shot by Gao Jie

A glimpse of the exciting highlights




Appreciation of Gao Jie's makeup and styling works



The chairman Ms. Xie of Guangzhou Natural Beauty cosmetics Co., Ltd. presented Mr.Gao Jie a new retail gift box of ARTMISS


【Ms.Xiangxiang Special】


In the new retail era, traffic has real power

ARTMISS image spokesperson- Ms. Xiangxiang special

Internet celebrity makeup stylist, taking you to the treasure house of beauty

The perspective of top national teachers

Create personalized exclusive customized IP

Observe and learn beauty techniques from zero distance,

Attract fans to come

Not only learn skills but also make money



Appreciation makeup modeling works from Ms.Xiangxiang

The chairman Ms. Xie of Guangzhou Natural Beauty cosmetics Co., Ltd. presented Ms.xiangxiang a new retail gift box of ARTMISS.



Creativity is boundless. With their rich imagination and creativity, the two masters showed the unique charm of ARTMISS beauty makeup, which made the fans in the audience boiling. At the same time, it is perfectly integrated with the concept of "boundless love, boundless beauty and boundless creation" of ARTMISS.



Love without boundaries, beauty without boundaries, creation without boundaries

The 36th Shanghai exhibition ended successfully


We harvest beauty, health and wealth in the exhibition. We are grateful to Mr. Gao Jie and Ms. Xiangxiang for their family support, for the love and enthusiasm of every fan and for the efforts and efforts of every family member.



Healthy skin care make up products-ARTMISS, a new concept of new products shockingly launched
The creation of luxurious makeup, the promotion of light luxury and nourishing makeup-ARTMISS
Energy makeup-ARTMISS energy red provides full energy for your skin

ARTMISS, artistic makeup, exudes the most shining beauty


ARTMISS & Energy Red invites you to join us

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