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ARTMISS was born brilliantly! New wealth fission strikes hard!

ARTMISS was born brilliantly! New wealth fission strikes hard!

  • 2019-10-30 18:32
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ARTMISS was born brilliantly! New wealth fission strikes hard!

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"Love Without Boundaries, Beauty Without Boundaries, Create Without Boundaries" NATURAL 15th Anniversary Family Banquet and ARTMISS New Product and New Model Launch Conference was held in Foshan Fontainebleau Hotel on December 20.

In the era of rapid development of the Internet economy, NATURAL will take advantage of the Internet+ and take the shared social economy as the guide to launch a new unbounded economy model of "Love without boundaries, beauty without boundaries, creation without boundaries"--ARTMISS New Retail , Leveraging the 100 billion beauty market with social attributes.

The new trend of 2019, ARTMISS New Retail, a new wealth fission model is coming!

Highlight 1: 《ARTMISS was born brilliantly》

ARTMISS was born brilliantly--- The official launch of the ARTMISS new products and new retail conference means that ARTMISS will set sail for 2019 and create new wealth and a new future with everyone!

(Li Longsheng, director of new product development department, Xu man, famous makeup stylist, Xiang Xiang, general manager of Eric Chen, chairman of Andrea Xie, Qi yacun, deputy general manager, Joanna Su, operation director of ARTMISS, and Xing Yulong, lecturer of micro case of ARTMISS coach group)


Highlight 2: Six famous teachers make-up modeling release show!

A birthday gift presented by six famous teachers in the industry, such as Xin Danhua, Yu Hai, Xiangxiang, Qi Yacun, Anyang, and Gao Jie, on the same stage--a fashion makeup show with ARTMISS makeup!

The first is the work of teacher Qi Yacun--neo-classical red makeup

Chinese brocade red, hand-made gold embroidery and heavy hand-made red makeup wedding gown. Chinese classic ink-and-wash makeup, which only needs to be drawn with light color, graceful and graceful for a thousand years! The hand-made filigree gold headwear presents a model of Chinese historical aesthetics.


The second appearance is the Asia-Pacific Top Ten Outstanding Stylists-- Gao Jie's work

Flowing shining, unbounded beauty,

Like you and I stop and go,

Tirelessly shine forever;

That touch of red,

Just like life, like a new born,

Is synonymous with beauty, the unbounded ellipsis...


The following works are created by Mr. Xin Danhua--the famous makeup teacher of golden finger in China

The main tone of the work is pure white,

The tailoring is designed with symmetrical double shoulders,

Combined with stiff three-dimensional tailoring,

Wavy skirts, cloak elements like wings,

Unique ingenuity and no lack of fairy spirit.


Then there is the work of the famous makeup styling lecturer-An Yang:

Beautiful retro gray, red lip makeup is used to enhance the overall color of the gray dress and eye makeup focuses on the modification of the lower eyelid position. Decorated with pearl crystal jewelry, the overall feeling is retro and luxurious.

The shining cloak adds a sense of mystery, and the eye makeup is deep and charming, like a magical snow queen. 


Next is the appreciation of the works of the top ten makeup artists in China-Yu Hai:

The model attracted everyone as soon as it appeared on the stage. The overall styling and makeup of the model showed the more creative elements in the light luxury retro, giving people an avant-garde and novel feeling. The color matching is bold and individual, and the color is "beautiful without boundaries." The interpretation is vivid and vivid.


The following is the theme show "New Atmosphere" brought by Ms. Xiangxiang and her team:

In this area, Eastern and Western cultures blend, classical art and modern art collide, and tradition and innovation are intertwined, creating countless "new atmospheres" with the spirit of modernism.

Ms. Xiangxiang's work-Missing:

The spring of the soul is the most beautiful, the most freedom and unrestrained, echoing the theme "love without boundaries, beauty without boundaries, creation without boundaries". Rushing to the gloom, indifference, and ruthlessness of winter, let us rush away from the pillars of our hearts and embrace the breath of spring.

Ms. Xiangxiang's work-inextricable》:

Rich and colorful world, a variety of exciting notes, they constitute a myriad of wonderful music, lingering in the heart; pearls show noble, flowers show playfulness, lace shows charm, they are just right embellishment makes people pleasant.

The following are the works from the directors of Xiangxiang team

Work-Smoke Color

They used exquisite fashion hat with low-key luxury velvet texture dress, interpretation of the Russian royal aristocratic style. They take the flower as the main ingredient, add a trace of aura, elegance and fashion, and show it gently.

Work-The warm girl

High grade dress, retro style hat, and modern waist cover, a variety of elements refined, another different charm of the royal style, noble with a trace of playful, playful with a trace of retro and retro with a trace of elegance.


With deep black as the main color, sequin elements embellish the body, as if the stars are shining in the night sky. The dazzling and moving soft feathers collide with fashionable sequins. The combination of them reflects a harmonious mood.

Work-The Princess

tailoring, and create a retro and elegant aristocratic image with an elegant mind. With natural material hat yarn, they are elegant and not vulgar, simple and not monotonous.


The classic French style is elegant and romantic, and its coldness and elegance are irresistible. French wax flower inlaid between the model's forehead, exuding a noble atmosphere

Work——《Chant of coral  

Mandarin ducks on coral leaves, young grebes in phoenix nests, use them to replace the beautiful meaning of coral, with red pomegranate embellishments to express their pursuit of a better life.

Work——《 Disgusted with the world of mortals

Do not secular, forget the world of mortals, secular people, difficult secular. From the world of mortals, far from the world of mortals, people in the world of mortals dislike it. Although some people were born in the world of mortals, they dream of transcending the secular world.

Thanks to the 6 famous teachers and the Xiangxiang team for indirectly creating so many amazing works with ARTMISS makeup products. We are also grateful for the wonderful interpretation of the models, which let us feast our eyes and appreciate ARTMISS, its beauty without boundaries and creativity without boundaries.


Highlight 3: Award ceremony for co-founder of ARTMISS

(Wang Bo; Xie Xiaohui; Xiangxiang; Jiang Xidi; Eric Chen; Andrea Xie; Wang Yinghua; Zhan Bing; Su Tianding; Wang Lin; Zhang Hongliu)

(Guo Xiaozhong; Li Yongxiu; Bu Dongjie; Andrea Xie; Eric Chen; Liu Siyu; Liu Shiqi; Wu Zulan)

Congratulations to our co-founders! I believe that with everyone’s efforts, the ARTMISS makeup brand will definitely benefit more people around the world and bring beauty, and more people will benefit from new retail of ARTMISS

Highlight 4: ARTMISS and the image spokespersons

Signing Ceremony of Ms. Xiangxiang and Mr. Qi Yacun

Ms. Xiangxiang--she is a domestic fashion stylist. Each of her works is full of creativity and trends; she is an internet celebrity stylist, with more than one million fans on Quick Worker and Tiktok, and her small body contains great energy;
Mr. Qi Yacun is the Royal makeup stylist of many famous artists such as Lang Lang, Sun Li, Li Bingbing, Deng Chao, Huang Xiaoming, Liu Shishi and Dong Qing, etc. He is well aware of international fashion concepts and trends. His make-up technique is meticulous and aesthetic, which is praised as "fine brushwork of traditional Chinese painting" in the industry. He is a strength and popularity of both makeup stylist!


Highlight 5: signing ceremony of ARTMISS coach team

(Ms. Andrea Xie, chairman of Guangzhou Natural Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Mr. Xing Yulong, lecturer of Hangzhou micro case)

The Hangzhou micro case is the only (new retail) solution leading brand in China with annual sales of over 200 million yuan; and the only (new retail) integrated service provider with a direct sales service team of more than 600 people.

ARTMISS New Retail joins hands with a professional micro case team, under the guidance of Mr. Xing Yulong, an operating mentor behind the hundreds of new retail teams, as well as the strong faculty behind micro case and a complete service system, ARTMISS will create a new legend in the new retail industry.


Highlight 6: Signing Ceremony between Artemis and Blue Star

(Ms. Andrea Xie, Chairman of Guangzhou Natural Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd. , Ms. Sun Jing, Director of Shenzhen)

ARTMISS, the brand of Guangzhou Natural Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd., joins hands with Blue Star to fully open a new terminal marketing era with large channels and large spreads.

In 2019, fifteen mainstream TV media nationwide were launched, including CCTV 7, Dragon TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Shenzhen Satellite TV, Guangdong Satellite TV, Chongqing Satellite TV, Shanxi Satellite TV and Guizhou Satellite TV, etc. There are also 14 online media such as People's Daily Online, Today Toutiao,,, iQiyi, Youku and Tencent Video, etc.


Highlight Seven: Wonderful Sharing

She is a leader in learning and creativity, and she continues to lead the NATURAL team to learn and grow. During the company's new transformation in 2018, her courage, vision, strategy, and execution have made all employees and industries Admired.


Highlight 8: licensing ceremony
Guangzhou Natural Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd. & Guilin University of Technology Industry Research Special Fund Launch Ceremony

Guangzhou Natural Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd. & Guilin University of Technology Industry Research Special Fund one million donation ceremony

Guangzhou Natural Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd. & Guilin University of Technology Award Ceremony

Ms. Lily, Secretary-General of Guangdong Province Beauty Salon, delivered a speech and awarded our company the "Excellent Innovative Enterprise"

Mr.Eric Chen, General Manager of Guangzhou Natural Beauty Co., Ltd, and Guangdong Province Beauty Salon Secretary-Ms. Lily


Highlight Nine: Artemis Elite Team Display

The ARTMISS elite team will bring everyone the stage play "Eagle's Transformation" and dance "The Mission of Love" to show us a team full of fighting spirit and vitality!

In the future, ARTMISS will launch more and better high-end makeup products, more professional makeup customization, more forward-looking aesthetic concepts and more systematic marketing management. We are determined to create more millions of elites!

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