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Wearing a mask for a long time causes skin allergies and discomfort? There is a way!

Wearing a mask for a long time causes skin allergies and discomfort? There is a way!

  • 2020-03-30 17:44
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(Summary description)Wearing a mask for a long time causes skin allergies and discomfort?

Wearing a mask for a long time causes skin allergies and discomfort? There is a way!

(Summary description)Wearing a mask for a long time causes skin allergies and discomfort?

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Wear a mask for a long time

Skin care advice

1、At 6:30 pm, the members of the Henan Aid to Hubei Medical Team and the Xinxiang Medical College Medical Team came out of the ward and took off their masks, with deep pressure marks on their faces and still smiling.

2、Wearing a mask for 8 hours a day, the female nurse's face was strangled with red marks, her cheeks and nose were worn out

3、In the Fever Clinic of the First Affiliated Hospital of the Army Military Medical University, the medical staff who took off the masks injured the bridge of the nose and the face was full of pressure marks.

4、After fighting on the front line of the epidemic in Wuhan for many days, Liu Hongying, a nurse in the Critical Care Medicine Department of Peking University People’s Hospital, had a pustule on her forehead, but she laughed and called it an "angel mark".

Currently the country is in an intense stage of prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. You must wear masks when entering public places and taking public transportation. For most people who return to get off work and wear ordinary masks, although they will not have such serious skin conditions as front-line medical staff, after all, they have to wear them for several hours a day, so some people will have skin problems. Today I will teach you several ways to cope.


Problem 1: Indentation and cracking of facial skin


1. Wear a mask with proper elasticity. For the general population, disposable medical masks can be used. Non-ear-hook masks, such as strap-on masks, can also reduce friction and pressure on the skin behind the ears.

2. The wearing time should not be too long. If sanitary conditions permit, take off the mask in 2 to 3 hours or change the position of the mask to reduce local pressure.

3. Before wearing, you can apply emollient locally to reduce the skin irritation caused by the friction of the mask edge.

deal with:

Indentation generally does not require special treatment. When it is persistent or recurring or is accompanied by subcutaneous congestion, drugs that improve local blood circulation can be used externally, such as polysulfonic mucopolysaccharide cream, etc.; for skin redness and swelling, topical antibiotic ointment can be used, and external bandages can be applied. Or gauze to protect the wound.


Problem 2: Allergies such as erythema, papules, itching, etc. appear

1. The materials of masks, such as non-woven fabrics, metal clips, rubber bands, etc., are allergic to a small number of people, causing contact dermatitis.

2、使用了不合格口罩, 伪劣材质在佩戴时可能刺激皮肤发生过敏。

2. Using substandard masks, fake and inferior materials may stimulate the skin and cause allergies when worn.


3. Wearing for a long time or over-cleaning can damage the skin barrier, and the dampness of the mask can easily breed bacteria, which can cause skin redness and itching.


People with allergies should understand the material of the mask before wearing it, avoid allergic ingredients, and avoid using fake and inferior products. When the mask is wet, replace the mask in time.


Deal with:
If you are allergic to the material, stop using this type of mask. If the symptoms are mild, you can relieve yourself without treatment. If the symptoms are more severe, with erythema, papules, and obvious itching, you can take the second-generation antihistamines, such as loratadine, mizolastine, etc., orally under the guidance of a dermatologist, and powerful hormones such as furoate for external use Misong ointment and so on.



Problem 3: Facial skin is white, wrinkled, peeling

Wearing a mask for a long time will create a humid environment between the face and the mask due to breathing. The skin will be in a damp state for a long time and maceration will occur, which is manifested as local skin softening, whitening, wrinkling, peeling, etc.



1. Before wearing a mask, topical skin care emollients containing petroleum jelly can form a lipid film on the surface of the skin to protect the skin by reducing friction, preventing excessive hydration, isolating sweat and other irritation.

2. Appropriately increase the frequency of mask replacement, wipe off sweat during the replacement period, and use skin care emollients again.

3. At the end of wearing, use skin care moisturizer after cleansing the skin in time.

Deal with:

Astringents such as zinc oxide cream can be used when the impregnation is obvious


Acne-like damage appears on the face, or the original acne worsens


Due to the sealing of the skin and the local pressure of wearing a mask for a long time, the sebaceous ducts of the hair follicles are occluded. In addition, factors such as irregular life and rest, fat fried diet, and mental stress may result in  acne-like damage or aggravation of original acne, also will cause

aggravation of other existing skin diseases.



It can be treated according to the general principles of acne treatment. Wash your face with clean water at least twice a day. Do not use strong alkaline soap; choose facial cleansers and skin care products reasonably, and apply refreshing moisturizer.


Deal with:

Antibiotics, retinoic acid and other drugs are used externally for the mild cases, and oral and topical treatments for the severe cases under the guidance of a dermatologist.


Reference materials: dermatology related protection and diagnosis and treatment standards during the prevention and control of new coronavirus infections. Chinese Medical Association Dermatology and Venereology Branch. Released on February 5, 2020


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