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The mask blocked the virus, but it couldn't stop my 【mask makeup】

The mask blocked the virus, but it couldn't stop my 【mask makeup】

  • 2020-03-30 16:53
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The mask blocked the virus, but it couldn't stop my 【mask makeup】

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2020 is the most special year. If you do not go out in non-essential circumstances, you must keep your mask on your face. I believe that many people spent this Spring Festival peacefully at home like me..

Isolation at home can be done without washing your hair or face, but you always have to go to work. How can you go to work without losing "decent" on the basis of safety protection? Wearing a mask to work after the holiday can also become the most beautiful cub in the office! Look forward! (Everyone has the heart to love beauty~)

Today, I recommend the most special makeup look of 2020-mask makeup!


The key point: Base makeup

When wearing a mask, a lot of moisture will accumulate on the face due to exhalation. If the texture of the foundation powder is obviously easier to make up, it will become a painted face after removing the mask, and the edge of the mask will also leave traces of the foundation. It is neither hygienic nor beautiful.


In order to avoid this situation, we can choose a pre-makeup isolation product that not only brightens the skin tone but also increases the skin's delicate feeling, but has less powdery quality to replace the foundation. Oily skin babies can add a layer of transparent loose powder after isolation to keep the skin matte.


Key point: eyebrow makeup

When wearing a mask, the three-dimensional sense of the whole face will become blurred. At this time, a clearer eyebrow line is needed to emphasize the spirit. The eyebrow pencil will make the eyebrow line clearer than the eyebrow powder.


There is a small TIPS for the fairies. Below the brow waist, you can use brightening products to contrast the brow color to highlight the brow bones and make the brows more three-dimensional.

Students who have just started to learn eyebrows don’t have to worry, they can search for previous eyebrow tutorials on the Weimei Show official account and practice. Let me tell you a little secret. It is easier to make the eyebrows symmetrical by drawing the eyebrows on the hard side first.


The key point: eye makeup

The eyes are the top priority of the upper half of the face, and the eyeliner can stir up the soul of the entire eye.


Pay special attention to your posture when applying eyeliner. Place the mirror and the table at a 45-degree angle, and look down into the mirror.


Put the elbow of one hand against the table, hold the eyeliner in the hand, lift the upper eyelid with the other hand, tighten the eyelid, so that the wrinkles can be smoothed out, and the line that comes out is relatively straight.



Meibomian glands cannot open


There is still a lot of white space between the eyelashes

The correct position of the eyeliner is to connect the gaps between the roots of the eyelashes, creating a feeling of thick eyelashes and enlarged and deep eyes.


The eye inner liner looks no makeup

This type of eyeliner is suitable for little fairies who want to make their eyes look bright and natural.

The position of the inner eyeliner is at the root of the eyelashes, starting from the inner eye. You only need to fill the gap between the roots of the eyelashes with the eyeliner and end at the end of the eye. It will make the eyes look bright without any special lengthening.


Novices can draw by segmented dashed lines, respectively on the top of the eye, the middle of the eye, and the point at the end of the eye, and then connect them.



Step1: Use shallow coral pink matt eyeshadow to smudge the contour of the eye socket.

Step2: Apply light golden eyeshadow on the crease of the upper eyelid to enhance the eye contour.

Step3: Use pink eyeshadow at the end of the eyes to blend forward slightly, which is excessively natural.

Step4: Use brown eyeshadow to deepen the end of the eye to make the outline look deeper.

Step5: Apply golden pearlescent eyeshadow on the middle of the eyelids.

Step6: Smudge the applied golden eye shadow and blend it with the pink eye shadow at the end to brighten the eyes and make the eye makeup more attractive.

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