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Do you know your skin type?Knowing you skin type is vital for doubling skin care effect!

Do you know your skin type?Knowing you skin type is vital for doubling skin care effect!

  • 2020-04-02 17:43
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Do you know your skin type?Knowing you skin type is vital for doubling skin care effect!

(Summary description)

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Once upon a time

When I was a skin care rookie

Having no idea about my skin type

Always choosing some unsuitable products

My skin condition is so unstable


Choosing product should not depend on

L! U! C !K!

Do you have problems like these?

To be honest

Choosing product should be based on

Skin type!!

 Know your skin type pls!


Today’s lesson

Is all about telling skin types

So that your skin care would be appropriate

Let's go~


How to tell one’s skin type?


Generally speaking

Based on how oily our skin are

There are 4 skin types


sensitive skin are not included cause it is a different concept which has nothing to do with oil


Detection method with oil absorbing paper


Keep your face unwashed in the morning, take a oil absorbing paper and press it to your T and U area to see how much oil it absorbed.



  • If the paper is very clean: dry skin
  • If the paper for T area is a little oily but U area is clean: normal skin
  • If the paper for T area is very oily but U area is only a little: mixed skin
  • If the paper is all very oily: oily skin


Actually,80% of girls have mixed skin



Face washing detection method


Face washing detection method is mainly based on the duration of tightness after washing face. If you don't apply any skin care products after washing your face, your face will be tense. Let's see how long various skin types can last

After washing your face→oily→normal→ dry→tense feeling disappeared


Mixed skin: T area stays tense for 20mins,U area stays tense for 40mins



 1. Dry skin


  • Lack of skin oil secretion: rarely have acne, but their skin will be very dry, easy to chip, a long washing time will cause tension.
  • Thin skin cuticle problem : always red, easy to grow spots, easy to grow red blood silk.
  • Wrinkles problem: compared with peers, their skin is more delicate, pores are less, but wrinkles appear early, especially eye wrinkles.
  • Make up problem: because their skin is very dry, a good foundation for others may be very dry for you with cakey skin, etc. Therefore, daily moisturizing should be done well, otherwise there will be creasing.


Skin care crux:

  • Dry skin girls should choose a mild cleanser, such as amino acid ingredients contained, they have better not use soap or cleanser containing soap base.
  • When choosing skin care products for dry skin, we must first consider rehydration and then whitening. Only when moisturizing is in place, whitening can be possible.
  • Dry skin girls should choose food containing high fat, vitamin, such as milk, eggs, pig’s liver, butter, fresh fruits and so on.
  • In the dry season such as autumn and winter, we should pay attention to the maintenance and supplement of water, choose the products with high oil content, prevent the skin from drying and desquamation, and delay the aging of skin.


 2. Normal skin 

Oil secretion is normal: there is no regular greasy face, and there is no dry skin loss.

Skin is relatively delicate: skin problems are not big, generally more delicate, pores can not be seen, no particularly prominent problems, such as red blood, pores, acne, etc.

It is not affected by the environment: oily skin, dry skin and sensitive skin will be more or less unstable when seasons are changing. Normal skin is the state of "I am basically OK" .This kind of skin is the dream of all girls, which is a gift from God.


The key to skin care:

Neutral skin can be said to be the ideal type of healthy skin, so the fairies with neutral skin are the easiest to take care of. Because the skin itself is in a state of water and oil balance, you only need to maintain the water and oil balance daily and supplement properly with nutrition to keep your skin greasy and smooth.


3. Combination skin



  • It’s oily, large pores, occasional acne inside the T zone, normal or dry, sensitive skin outside the T zone, with fine wrinkles
  • Unstable skin: For example, if mixed with oil in summer, it will be mixed in winter. It is recommended to take care of it separately~



The key to skin care:


  • Many people with mixed skin do not pay attention to separate care. They either choose to hydrate or oil-control. It is recommended to choose skin care products with two effects, or skin care products specifically for mixed skin, instead of blindly pursuing hydration or oil control.
  • Properly make a cleansing mask. It is recommended that mixed skin girls do cleansing masks once or twice for the T zone one a week, and do exfoliation tasks once or twice a month. Remember to hydrate  after the cuticles are done punctually.
  • The difference between mixed oily skin and oily skin is that mixed oily skin is not oily all over the face, but the T zone is the oiliest, and the oil in other parts is less than that in the T zone. Many girls say that their faces are oily, but in fact, most of them have this kind of mixed oil instead of completely oily skin~




4. Oily skin


  • Thick stratum corneum: The stratum corneum is healthy, but relatively thick. It needs to be exfoliated regularly. If you don't exfoliate for a month, you will feel easy to rub the mud and absorb slowly. Correspondingly, the body needs to exfoliate frequently.

  • Prone to closed mouth and acne: Oily skin means the secretion of sebaceous glands is strong, coupled with the thick cutin, the two strong meet, it is easy to collide out of the closed mouth, and then buckle with the hand, bacterial infection will cause large acne.

  • Easy to apply makeup: Compared with dry skin, oily skin rarely feels difficult to apply makeup. For example, the powder is not easy to push and the base makeup is mottled, because the oily skin is basically scaly~

  • No translucency of the skin: Transparency refers to the radiance of the skin from the inside out. The oily skin is basically shiny, the keratin is easy to be thick, and it is prone to acne. This transparent experience made me understand that "the furthest in the world Distance"~·~

  • Large pores: Exclude sunburn, cosmetic allergies, etc. In the case of natural aging, oily skin is more likely to have large pores...


The key to skin care:

Oily skin mainly cleans, controls oil, and hydrates. Cleaning is the first priority. Hard tops should be cleaned regularly. Daily care should reduce the secretion of excess oil. Moisturizing and moisturizing should not be ignored. Change the state of external oil and internal dryness.



The above is about

How to judge your skin quality

I hope that after the fairies understand this

Don't pick the wrong makeup and skin care products~

Finally, I want to remind everyone

Skin quality is not fixed

With age, environment and lifestyle

Changes in dietary rules, skin care products and cosmetics

Sister no need to worry too much about whose skin has changed

Just remember a point

Just take care of the skin according to the needs

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