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ARTMISS-- your trusted makeup brand  

ARTMISS-- your trusted makeup brand  

  • 2019-10-30 18:27
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ARTMISS-- your trusted makeup brand  

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Beauty is an attitude;

Beauty is a sentiment;

Beauty is also a wholehearted effort.MAKE UP FOR LIFE


ARTMISS cosmetics brand, with a romantic classic unique of France and unremitting exploration of aesthetics, gorgeous posture and brand-new brand image, officially entered the Chinese cosmetics market in 2012, and is committed to discovering it for Chinese women who taste intellectual Unique beauty has become the first cosmetics brand in the industry to provide consulting services!

MAKE UP FOR LIFE-ARTMISS make-up brand discovers the beauty-loving nature of fashionable women with "make-up of life", and perfectly blends make-up and art! With 10 years of scientific research and a keen sense of fashion trends, the first high-definition cosmetics brand concept, leading Chinese cosmetics into the high-definition era; determined to synchronize with world famous brands, leading the new fashion of Chinese cosmetics, and leading Chinese cosmetics into the high-definition era. The popular cosmetics products of international quality have quickly become the quality benchmark in the Chinese cosmetics industry and the most trusted beauty consultant for consumers!

ARTMISS advocates the use of technology to create natural beauty, and pays attention to customers' experience of products and makeup effects. Every detail and every product has passed strict production and inspection processes.

Relying on the strong R&D and production strength of Laiqian Group, 6 leading technologies in the industry: high-efficiency soft powder transparent particle technology, high skin-friendly nanoparticle technology, intelligent oil tracking powder technology, ultra-fine nano-level spherical hollow powder, intelligent color lock Color rendering technology, silicone oil coating technology. Establish a quality benchmark in the Weimei show industry;

ARTMISS adheres to the concept of education to cultivate the market and education to promote consumption. Through a team of makeup stylists with world-class qualifications, an efficient education system, and makeup courses and technical knowledge of international fashion trends, it provides powerful partners for the development of Technical support and training support for partners to create terminal marketing elites who can understand consumer psychology and formulate systematic beauty solutions;

ARTMISS Show turns every experience into a wonderful journey of discovery, interpreting a more beautiful you with the ultimate high-definition. Make life more beautiful, make life more calm, and make your eyes firmer!

ARTMISS pioneered an innovative profit model, with education as the main line to provide professional and technical services to drive sales of the "makeup bar" one site and two store profit model; four times a year with the interests of franchisees as the core of the "Four Seasons Fashion Makeup Education China Store Manager Training” mode; “campus interactive exchange meeting” and “group buying of enterprises and institutions” for the purpose ofconsumer interaction. After dozens of actual battles, Weimei Show successfullyoperated the "makeup bar" model in Hunan, and achieved a retail sales record of 1 million in 4 months. Successfully operated the "campus interactive exchange meeting" and "group buying of enterprises and institutions" model in Guangxi, creating orders 100,000 retail sales.

MAKE UP FOR LIFE pays attention to the shopping experience and usage experienceof end consumers, and three living standards for 360-degree construction of theproduct terminal: 1), wide distribution • available for purchase; 2), obvious and visible; 3) , At your fingertips•available;

MAKE UP FOR LIFE will build a provincial and municipal level two through three years, reaching 3,000 cosmetic boutiques, 1,500 makeup bars, 600 front stores and backyards, and 200 department stores across the country.

Elegance, exquisiteness and beauty are the eternal pursuit of fashionable women.Beauty not only comes from the outside, but also from the heart!

ARTMISS, together with Natural International Cosmetics Group, takes the mission of helping fashionable women achieve beautiful dreams and create happiness. Committed to building the first brand of consulting cosmetics in China,

MAKEUP FOR LIFE ARTMISS make-up brand, make-up dream, China road is more exciting with you!

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