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Makeup brand Weimeixiu “local tyrant gold” joins in Shanghai CBE

Makeup brand Weimeixiu “local tyrant gold” joins in Shanghai CBE

  • 2019-10-30 18:31
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Makeup brand Weimeixiu “local tyrant gold” joins in Shanghai CBE

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  • Time of issue:2019-10-30 18:31
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At the 19th China Beauty Expo that just came to an end, Natural InternationWeimeixiu makeup brand appeared in the color hall W2N11 with the dazzling "local gold" main color and simple and atmospheric brand image, attracting a large number of audiences and makeup franchisees Stop and watch.

China's top ten make-up artist Wang Yong performed on-site dazzling makeup master Wang Yong brought China's top professional makeup secret tool-Beauty key airbrush to present an exciting illusion feast for the audience.

If the Three Musketeers of ARTMISS’s  small skin care category  looked at facial masks in 2014, then the makeup small categories are subdivided and specialized in 2014.

The unique small category expansion model of the ARTMISS makeup brand introduces makeup from the traditional large-size front back cabinet with the full image to the red sea model of the full-category face, eye and lips, to the high-efficiency, low-threshold, and easy-to-market the blue ocean world of makeup essays; the three swordsmen of ARTMISS makeup brand  "HD Series", "Protection Series", and "Quick Makeup Series", all of them have unique skills and are creating wealth for distributors and makeup franchise partners On the road, they will shoulder the important responsibility of ARTMISS to expand its territory.

Thank you for the gathering of many new and old makeup agents at the Shanghai exhibition site. While talking about the current situation of the makeup industry in 2014 and the development trend of next year, they are very concerned about the new small category expansion model of ARTMISS and they all expressed that they will fit the brand expansion strategy to seize the terminal , For ARTMISS in the 2014 brand take-off year to paint a strong stroke. 2014 Shanghai CBE, what to watch? ARTMISS brand makeup 2014 blue ocean, what to look at? ARTMISS makeup essays.

At the same time, due to fate, this exhibition will join hands with new business partners in many blank urban areas across the country. The brand map is continuously expanding, and the channels are continuously refined. Cherish the fate and join hands with this cause to create a feast of wealth. I am grateful for you to accompany and help you all the way! Natural Beauty is more exciting with you! Thank you for your attention to the "Vision Show", because of you, it will be more exciting! 


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