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You must know the fashion color & makeup trends in 2020!

You must know the fashion color & makeup trends in 2020!

  • 2019-10-30 18:27
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You must know the fashion color & makeup trends in 2020!

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Hi, babies

Not long ago

PANTONE announced the 2020 fashion color

Classic Blue

Blue warning!

Will be contracted by Blue next year~


Classic blue represents a kind of tranquility and peace

Classic, tolerant, calm and elegant

All adjectives can be used to praise it


Learn about the popular colors of next year

You must also know the makeup trends of 2020!

Here are some makeup trends in Kangkang 2020 with the editor~


Punk smokey makeup

Keywords: smoky eyeliner, eye shadow smudge

When autumn and winter arrive, smoky makeup is making a comeback! Eyeliner has undoubtedly become the highlight of makeup. The black eyeliner outlines the charming eye shape, and the dark gray eye shadow is used to create a three-dimensional, deep and bright eye.

On the Tom Ford show, the purple neon lights instantly pulled the timeline back to the 80s, combining women's unruly with darkness, giving people an exaggerated and cold feeling.


I put some sequined eyeshadows under the eyes, which is very eye-catching, like Bella Hadid, put two round hair buns on the head, and go out at night.


If you don’t feel cool enough, this all-inclusive eyeliner makeup will definitely make you look cool and handsome!


But remember, the CP of the all-inclusive eyeliner must be small smoky, with clear edges and easier to control. With a natural and clear base makeup, it will not show dirty makeup at all, does not smoked, fall and winter~


Twiggy makeup

Keywords: super thick eyelashes, pink lip gloss, eye socket eyeliner

her iconic makeup appeared immediately: three layers of super thick curled eyelashes, eyeliner and pink lip makeup, all highly recognizable, especially the black eyeliner that spans the eyelids, which is also featured on major beauty websites. Red blogger's imitation object.


piece has been evaluated as "a face that can represent 1966", and it still shines on the fashion week show in 2020.


iconic thick black eyeliner created deep eye sockets, adjusted according to the differences between Chinese and Western facial features, but it is indeed not something ordinary people can hold.


Skillfully use false eyelashes and eyeliner to create an exaggerated arc of eyelashes, like a naughty ghost of a ghost horse, dazzling eyes, deducting different tastes.


In the Victoria Beckman show, the focus of makeup has shifted. While diminishing the eye shadow, only a layer of eyeliner is applied to the folds of the eyelid, and different colors of eyeliner are used to present a retro modern feel.


Even if the eye sockets are not deep enough, the Twiggy eyeliner does not violate the harmony, which highlights the sharp eyes. With the retro smooth oil head with obvious comb groove, the gas field is fully opened.


It is enough to see that Twiggy's logo eyeliner makeup is a "compulsory course" for fashionistas no matter in the 60s or now. Don't worry about being too exaggerated when you go out on the street.


Sheer cream makeup

Keywords: natural makeup, upturned eyeliner, rose bean paste lips

Throughout the 2020 Fashion Week, it is not difficult to find that brands are increasingly preferring the ultimate natural makeup. Even on the show, they are mainly clean and simple, elegant and elegant. The models are presented through uniform and translucent base makeup and bright eyes. Perfect posture.


In addition to natural and transparent base makeup, eye makeup is also a highlight. Curl the eyelashes to create a natural curve, and then form a very slender eyeliner along the roots of the upper eyelashes, inadvertently French style. Choosing lip gloss on the lips can not only add moisture to the lips, but also look more natural.


In today's hot retro fashion, the reproduction and innovation of classic makeup is also a popular trend. This fashion week can be seen everywhere in the 80s era beauty symbol-Princess Diana's imitation.


Needless to say, the natural and flawless base makeup, the point is that the one-third of the upper eyeliner is only slightly upturned at the end of the eye, gently smudged, blurred and deep. Paired with red bean paste rose lip color, it is extremely elegant.


Dressing the forehead hair into a certain curved side part, adorning it with combs for stable modification, and matching earrings decorated with jewels or pearls, is elegant and luxurious, blending the retro style of the 1980s with the contemporary elegance.


Contrast Macaron

Keywords: Contrast eye makeup, tie-dye eye makeup, macaron eyeliner

The avant-garde color contrast of macaron tones is really eye-catching, a traditionally weird color that suddenly becomes otherworldly, bright and bold.


Miller show, the contrast of color eye shadows with clear boundaries made the model attract attention. When paired with girlish red and yellow eye shadows, the visual impact will be stronger. With gloss nude pink lips, the overall will be more coordinated.


On the Alice + Olivia show, you can see more macaron colors, such as mint, light blue, etc., with a lot of eye shadows covering the entire eyelid to highlight the full girly feeling.


Of course, in daily life, PC Sauce recommends everyone like Jennie to use colored eyeshadow to outline the slender and upturned eyeshadow along the upper eyelid at the third third of the eye. The eye makeup instantly shines.


In addition, apply pink blush on temples and cheekbones to create a tie-dye feeling of blush and eye makeup, like colorful blooming flowers in a summer garden, expressing an independent woman's romantic style.


If you are worried that the color eyeshadow will not hold, PC sauce suggests that you can try macarons eyeliner. Just draw a bright colored upturned eyeliner on top of the black eyeliner to add points to the eye makeup. Remember not to apply too much Thick.


This method was used extensively on the Tadashi Shoji show, which resembled the Eastern style, creating a pink dreamy atmosphere. With a clean half-tie hair, set off the gentle and noble temperament.


Shiny makeup

The key word: Sequin eye makeup

In addition, eye makeup elements such as sequins and rhinestones have also become a major fashion trend. Adding a little bright color makes makeup more interesting, and unique and personalized exploration has become the main theme of makeup.


Whether it is all-inclusive sequin makeup with glittering eyeshadow from the eyelids to the eyebrows, or eyelash sequin makeup, or a combination of sequins only on the eyelids and eyebrows, it undoubtedly brings visual impact. Metal Sense meets a neutral face, bursting out a unique glamorous temperament.

On the Giorgio Armani show, the tulle made of transparent sequins creates another high-level texture in the eye sockets.

When you go out on the street in your daily time, you may wish to apply upturned sequined eyeshadow on the end of your eyes, or stick your favorite sequins around or under the eyes. It is definitely the Party Queen in the crowd~


In fact, it is not difficult to find that the phrase "fashion is a reincarnation" is also applicable to beauty. After seeing so many makeup trends in 2020, which one do you most want to pick?

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