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How to make the speed of skin aging more slowly?

How to make the speed of skin aging more slowly?

  • 2020-03-30 13:45
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How to make the speed of skin aging more slowly?

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-30 13:45
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In the world of skin care, active substances such as peptides,

It has always been a hidden sword,

When niacinamide, vitamin A alcohol, and vitamin C are too noisy,

It watched the battle silently and never shot


Until these two years,

Anti-aging has become the largest category of skin care in China.

When various brands have offered their killers,

Polypeptides, which have been born for more than 20 years, can finally stand in front of people with integrity.

Let’s talk about this anti-aging weapon today.


What is a peptide?


Amino acid                                    peptide                                       protein


[Peptide], known as peptide in Hong Kong and Taiwan,

Therefore, I often hear the saying of three peptides and five peptides.

It is a small compound composed of short-chain amino acids,

They are the basic building blocks of protein.

Peptides can basically be understood as fragments of protein.。


When they are used in skin care,

The purpose is to allow those collagen fragments to stimulate the growth of collagen.

And the intact protein cannot be directly absorbed by the skin,

So these smaller fragments can penetrate deep into skin cells


What effect does it have?


It's no exaggeration to say,

Peptides manage a person’s birth, old age, sickness and death,

Your external body movements and internal secretion movements,

Are all performed by peptides,

Skin aging is also included in the scope of implementation.

There are many standards for skin aging: sagging, wrinkles,

Melanin deposition, decreased gloss,

Weakening of elasticity are all signs of skin aging,

Different peptides can solve such problems in different ways.


As we grow older,

The skin will be disturbed by more free radicals,

The "productivity" of collagen assembly in the skin will become weaker,

Some specific types of peptides can effectively stimulate collagen regeneration

Peptides can also inhibit the degradation of collagen in the skin,

Effectively reduce the rate of collagen loss.


There is also a class of peptides that can block neurotransmitters,

Let the muscles of the face relax,

As soon as the muscles relax, the wrinkles unfold,

Botox plays such a role.

Different peptides can also inhibit melanin production,

Enhance skin water retention capacity and other effects.


What can it do on every skin layer ?

全样本:Full sample

35-43岁样本组:The sample of 35-43 years old

44-52样本组:44-52 years old

皱纹降低率(%一个月后结果):Wrinkle reduction rate (% results after one month)

皮肤粗糙度:Skin roughness

皱纹深度:wrinkle depth


At the epidermal level: factors that affect the activity and growth of keratinocytes, stimulate keratinocytes, stimulate epidermal cell differentiation and correction, and promote epidermal repair and healing;

②. At the dermal level: stimulate the activity of fibroblasts, enhance the contraction and structure of extracellular matrix, provide skin nutrients to promote skin wound healing and functional regeneration;

③. At the overall level of the skin: enhance resistance to environmental invasion, ultraviolet rays, pollutants, irritants, sensitizers and inflammatory cells, consolidate and strengthen skin tensors, enhance skin elasticity, stimulate scar tissue fading, and reduce scars Form and delay skin aging.



As one of the few real anti-aging ingredients,

Therefore, many big brands also add peptides to their products,

In addition to products with peptides as the main ingredient,

The addition of peptides to the formula is mainly for synergy,

It can be understood as the effect of "adding wings to the tiger".


Natural·Anti-age and rejuvenating peptide series


(Essence, lotion, face cream, eye cream products)


Incorporating golden peptide biological essence compound formula

"Mild and safe" ingredients recognized by the skin care industry

It is also one of the ingredients that are really effective anti-aging



Improve skin's own lipids

Stimulate skin's own collagen production

Restore skin elasticity, smooth and delicate

Achieve interventional anti-aging and firm skin


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